GCI services and history

We are the largest supplier and manufacture of steam boiler and kettles in India.We have two type of steam boilers first of them are single tube steam boiler that can produce energy from 100 kg per hour to 800 kg per hour you can use this type of same boiler in your hotel and restaurant businesses.

We also manufacturer dual tune steam boiler that can produce energy from 800 kg per hour to 1500 kg per hour. this type of steam boiler are most commonly used in industrial purposes for example a pharma business, textile business and jaggery manufacturing.

GCI people and culture

Our people are what make us unique. Rather than outsourcing our construction engineers from questionable outsourcing establishments, we provide them with an environment that supports professional growth. 

At GCI, we are strong believers in giving our employees a voice. Our teams are put together with the help of our resident psychologist to ensure maximum productivity and engagement.